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Day is done

Photo by Katarina

And there’s a sunset brimming over the sky
And there’s a swallow teaching it’s young how to fly
Up on high
See how fast the summer passes by...

And there’s a rain cloud passing over our heads
And there’s a cat on the doorstep waiting to be fed
Milk and bread
Day is done and now it’s time for bed

Vashti Bunyan

Sorry for my long absence on the blog. I'm in a period of heavy multitasking. We are renovating the old porch on the back of the house, same time as we renovating a big room on the other side of the house, same time as we trying to bring some order in the chaos. In the evenings my poor body is so tired of all hard work. But I am on a long, long vacation this summer so I am full of hope to sort out several things here at home and also have time for some more relaxing activities.. I'll show you some pictures when the porch and the new room is in a more ready state. 

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